Who We Are

Who we are: behind the Made Italy brand, the company owner of the brands the Club Cavallo Italia and Clop, are the two founders, Valeria Cadoni and Renato Ranghini.

Valeria CADONI

Who we are

My professional experiences include the management of the Rome International Film Festival and the Edizioni Pubblancio, the launch of the Prima Sat satellite channel and the promotion and sponsorship of the Pavia-Venice Raid, the longest speedboat raid in the world, and international of Beach Volley of the Republic of San Marino.

I have extensive experience working abroad both in Tunisia, in France and in Italy, where I lived for 14 years in Tunis, 7 in Paris and 7 in Rome.

Now I am also president of Passione Cavallo, a non-profit association to introduce the horse to children.


Who we are

Marketing and communication expert recognized advertising professional (TP) I founded a photographic studio, a graphic studio and an OTEP recognized marketing and advertising agency.

Customers include numerous national and international brands including Subaru Automotive, Pirelli Group, Sharp Group, Latina Assicurazioni Group and Bass Beer.

I founded Made Italy Ltd, I write books and I am vice president of Passione Cavallo, a non-profit association to introduce children to the horse.

We entered the world of the horse organizing the Memorial Ribot Event, through which we have known and understood how fascinating, magical and full of emotions the horse and the world that surrounds it and we have not abandoned it anymore.


We created Passione Cavallo, a non-profit association to introduce children to horses, Club Cavallo Italia Shop, the world of those who love horses, Club Cavallo Italia with the best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses and, for the little ones, we created Clop, an anthropomorphic horse that lives in Cavallolandia.

Some of the events and of the initiatives:

Thank you again for the time you spent with us and, if you want, write to us: info@madeitalyoriginal.co.uk. We always answer.

Made Italy

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