Club Cavallo Italia

Club Cavallo Italia

Club Cavallo Italia, a project, an idea, perhaps an intuition that hint at the horse’s philosophy, a fashionable lifestyle, living emotions, events and high-level initiatives and values aimed at raising awareness among young people and creating solidarity projects.

Club Cavallo Italia is a world unique, timeless and elegant emotion, a magic charm that only horses own and impart.

Club Cavallo Italia was created to accommodate those who love such extraordinary animal that is the horse. Here, we find people who love the horse and identify themselves with our values, values whereby the horse is unique and prestigious, and values such as nature and elegance, clean power and sport, passion and entertainment, history and tradition, social and love, respect and fairness, people who have a keen sense for what beauty, charm and elegance are.

Independent and prominent for those individuals sharing our values, serious and professional for events and initiatives, Club Cavallo Italia was created to fulfill the need for having such values represented, and making you feel part of a world that did not exist before.

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