Clop Cavallino

Clop CavallinoHello!

I’m Clop, Clop Cavallino, a nice Italian thoroughbred horse – despite my name, Clop, which is multilingual. It was created by my authors for all the children of the world and, by the whinnies I hear, the name Clop is very much appreciated.

I would like to talk about, uh, horses neighing at us, about myself and Cavallolandia, the city where I was born, where I live, work and have fun.

Would you like to know me?
Wow! I look forward for it! Thank you!

Then, we begin.
I introduce myself starting with my name: Clop Cavallino.

I really like the name Clop Cavallino. Do you like my name too? Clop Cavallino seems to be a very nice name for a cute and nice horse like me. And then Clop reminds me of horses, right? (Clop, clop, clop, clop …).

I was born on March 6, a few years ago in Cavallolandia, where I spent the first years of my life galloping, and while I was still a colt my dad told me: “Clop, to be successful in life you have to study.”

I thought my dad was right, so I went to the University of Horse-Rvard and graduate in Cavallitiche Sciences and Hippo – Investigations (I spent so many hours studying!).

Now I live and work as a famous detective in Cavallolandia, the city of our horses overlooking the Gulf of Windy Mane, located on a horseshoe island called Horse Island in the Seahorses Ocean

If you want to know me here is my site. I will wait for you. See you soon.